Monday, November 7, 2011

The (second) coolest SPAM ever...

This is the FIRST.
I like it grilled or fried, on a bun
with tomato. Try it. You'll thank me.
Some time last month, an acquaintance of mine sent a mass email asking for our support for his MOvember activities.  (Movember, if you don't know, is when men grow out their mustaches to raise money and awareness for mens' cancers, like Cancer of the Junk). Today, I received the note below; the second best SPAM I've ever seen. (note: I removed my friend's name, but left the company name, since it's technically for a god cause, even if it IS shameless self-promotion in the name of Cancer of the Junk.


Hello CIBC'ers and friends of [redacted]:
*[redacted] was kind enough to leave your personal information up for grabs and available to an opportunistic business person like myself!
*Rather than just blatantly solicit my service to you, I figured I would offer up an opportunity for you all to help [redacted]and Movember.
*Simply "like" BodyNetix on facebook and claim your free week of FitCamp.
*Attend 3 classes and upon completion send me an email with your full name and letting me know you completed your week.
*BodyNetix will then donate $10 on your behalf to [redacted] for his Movember movement!
Good luck [redacted]!
Live Long, Live Strong!
Chris KetchBodyNetix Professional Fitness Training

Daryl Oates hates
Junk Cancer. Do YOU?
I'm a fan of Movember, but don't generally participate, largely because it requires the shaving of all facial hair on October 31, which I have not done in over 5 years.  Although, for the sake of awareness and funds for Junk Cancer, I AM considering it for next year.

But seriously, I love getting email with a sense of humor. Not -- and I repeat, NOT -- forwards and emails featuring post turtles, cats going to heaven, or Redneck golf jokes; I just appreciate people who don't take themselves too seriously.

And if you know anyone who is participating in Movember, show them your support today. 

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