Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Night Feature: Last Man on Earth

There have been at least four adaptations of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend." Four, that is, if you don't count Night of the Living Dead (and I do not, no matter what Matheson himself says). The second filmed version starred Charleon Heston, and was called The Omega Man. The most recently famous adaptation was, of course, the only moderately awful Will Smith vehicle. I almost didn't count the Syfy mockbuster I Am Omega, but fair is fair. The best adaptation, however, in my opinion, is the very first. 1964's The Last Man on Earth is a decently faithful adaptation of the source material, and is hugely entertaining despite being a mostly one-man show.

This last fact is thanks, largely, to the charisma of star Vincent Price. I personally count this as one of the best-acted films of his career, which, when you consider The Fly and House on Haunted Hill, is saying something.

So pull up a chair. Turn out the lights, and enjoy, with me, The Last Man on Earth!

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