An Introduction

I'm Randy Streu, I am a storyteller, and this is my website.

I am a writer of speculative and horror fiction, much of it short form. I keep hoping to churn out a novel, but in the meantime, I'll simply write the stories as they come to me, as short as they are. I am also a professional radio broadcaster, and have recently combined these two passions into a new audio drama venture. I'll have links on this site to where you might find both my writings and my voice acting work, if those are the sorts of things that appeal to you.

So why do I have this website?

All the books say that, as a writer, I need to have a platform of some kind. A way for people to get to know me, you might say, or, if you were both more realistic and more cynical, a built-in audience to whom a prospective publisher might pimp my books.

Of course, merely having a website doesn't do anyone any good at all, if you don't have a reason to keep coming back, and while you're at it, tell your friends, so from time to time, on a somewhat regular basis, I shall regale you with musings, reviews, and rantings about pop culture, particularly as pertains to speculative and horror, because as I said, those are my primary interests as a storyteller and so the kind of reader I hope to attract.

And so, like John Popper, I'm being completely honest about the purpose behind this website, knowing my cynicism will turn many of you off, but hoping that something -- a hook: perhaps my wit, or even my refreshing honesty -- will bring you back.