Thursday, June 9, 2011

AMC is whetting my appetite for the Dead. Did that sound weird?

AMC has released two production photos for Season 2 of The Walking Dead -- which, if it isn't among the most anticipated series premiers for this fall, certainly ranks in my top.... one.

Says writer/director/exec. Producer Frank Darabont:
"At this moment, I'm standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It's great to be shooting again. I think we've embarked on a great season."
And, even though we have to wait until some unknown date "this fall" (I'm guessing Oct. 31. Again.), we at least have the consolation of knowing it's a full 13 episodes this time around.

To say I'm excited about Season 2 would be a bit of an understatement, I think. I've been excited since Season One ended.  How much did I enjoy Season 1? Enough that I forgave Frank Darabont for "The Mist" (I'll explain my disappointment, sadness, and anger with that film at a later date) and am willing to again allow him to lead my fragile mind through the fictional world.

Already, Season 1 has taken the original story in new and interesting directions, different from the books.  Directions with which not everyone agreed.  Kirkman Fanboys lit up Facebook and Twitter complaining about everything from Shane's continued existence to the group's stop at the CDC, in spite of the fact that Kirkman himself not only agreed to the changes, but has gone on record championing those changes

(By the way, keep an eye on "An Unfinished Life" for an upcoming post about the controversy that seems to surround every screen adaptation ever.)

Finally, for a pretty good interview with Kirkman about the show, and Season 2 in particular (including certain widespread rumors about firings in the writers' room), check out today's post at Screen Junkies.

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