Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Webcomic Wednesday - Between Failures

Today's featured comic isn't the first webcomic I've ever enjoyed -- but it is one of the first I've actively followed since college. I can no longer even remember how I found Between Failures, but I remember very clearly reading that day's page, and then immediately backing up to the beginning. And then sitting there, for over an hour, until I'd read every single page. After that, I made note of Update days, and have been back every week since (sometimes three times to catch each update as it came out).

"Between Failures" art and pages (c)
Jackie Thomas Wohlenhaus
Used with permission
The comic takes place, mostly, in a media store (selling books, videos, video games, and music), and follows
the staff as they tackle gaming, nerd culture, sex, love, life, and each other. At time humorous, at others poignant, and often both at once, Between Failures is more than a workplace strip. The characters love one another, each in their own way, and none more so than the group's unofficial Godfather, Thomas (the main character). It is a story -- several stories -- of life lived, as creator Jackie "Crave" Wohlenhaus reminds us, between failures.

Between Failures is a real look at real life and real love. As messy as it is. As imperfect as it is. As infuriating, frustrating, sad, ridiculous, and wonderful as each of our own.

So, go read it, but I'm sending you to Page One. Start there. This is not a "jump in the middle" kind of comic, though I'm sure Crave doesn't particularly care how you begin. Nevertheless, the story is best appreciated from the beginning, in order. So go do that. Hope you like it. Let me know in the comments, yeah?

Page 1: Every Story Has To Start Somewhere

Oh! And read the blog posted underneath the title page. It'll give you an idea of what to expect, including the fact that the first chapter or so is fairly rudimentary on some levels, but he improves as the work progresses.

*My more sensitive readers should be reminded this is easily a PG-13 comic for language, sexual situations, etc (back in the day, it would've been R for language alone).

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