Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pontypool: Postscript

Okay, so, in case you couldn't tell by my post from Monday, I'm unexpectdly enamored with the 2008 psychological/zombie thriller, Pontypool. As usual, when I find something I like, I research to the point of near-obsession. I discovered, for example, that there actually is a Drum Road in Pontypool, ON. I wonder if there's a church on it, which houses a small AM station. Hmmm.

Click for a larger view of the setting. (via googlemaps)
I also discovered that, appropriately enough, "Pontypool" was also produced as a radio play for BBC. The radio version is basically, an edit of the dialogue and sounds directly from the film. Right up until the end. The end of the radio play is actually quite different from that of the film. The new ending gives, perhaps, greater insight into the meanings in the film, and a closer look at what the epidemic is to those, in the movie, who suffer it. It's very well done and well worth giving a listen.

This discovery led me also to the discovery that the BBC actually has radio plays from around the world available for free listening online. Pretty cool, right?

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