Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zombie Awareness Month Zombiethon 4: Resident Evil: Degeneration

RE: Degeneration is a CG film developed by Capcom and actually set within the RE game universe.

I'm actually a fan of the RE games as well as the live action movies, on their own merits (particularly the first of each), and will probably do a post on the first three of those movies at some point this month (and/or the most recent, depending on how Netflix feels about it).

However, RE:D looked interesting enough a few years ago that I decided to take the time to watch it via streaming site. While, at the time, I thought it was decent, my absurdly slow internet connection created pauses and loss of sync, which severely hampered my enjoyment. So, for part 3 of my ZAM Zombiethon, I popped on the Netflix and streamed a much better version.

Now, to get a couple things out of the way: This is Capcom CG. The movie is simply not going to look much better than a really good cut scene in one of games. And, lo and behold, it does not. The expressions are stiff, particularly when it comes to the male characters. The female characters are allowed a bit more freedom of facial expression, and are also better acted, for the most part.

The drawing and coloration is actually excellent, and were it not for the stiffness of the facial expressions, this would actually be pretty well done. The script is interesting and entertaining, if a little convoluted. On the other hand, it's a movie done by a video game company, as a companion story to an increasingly convoluted video game series. So I guess that's to be expected.

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